Samuel Hears a Who?

25 Feb


Religion is a set of strongly-held beliefs, values, and attitudes that somebody lives by.

Atheism is the disbelief in the existence of God or gods (or other supernatural beings), and the belief that they are man-made constructs, myths and legends; which are meaningless concepts.

Rationalism is an approach to life based on reason and evidence and rejects authority that cannot be proved by experience.


I saw a rap video, and I thought: “Atheism must be the most lethal religion!”… That thought lit a few flares in my mind; as I figured, I had just juxtaposed Atheism with religion, and religion with evil. I had also suggested a higher likelihood of decadence where there is an absence of some manner of faith. The latter commands a debate; and I wouldn’t dare. However, to justify the former, I had to lay aside whatever prejudice I might have- being a Christian-, attempt to understand the perception of religion from an agnostic point of view, and try to relate it with Atheism. Atheists generally believe:

Religion gets people to believe something untrue.

There have been ageless debates on the question of what is true and untrue. Religionists believe in the trueness of  the “theory” of the existence of God- or a supernatural being-, while Atheists believe in the veracity of  their rationality, and the objectivity of science- their “god”- whose appetite seems rather unappeasable.

Religion makes people base the way they run their lives on a falsehood.

Again, what’s false and what’s not?

Religion stops people from thinking in a rational and objective way.

Religion forces people to rely on an external authority, rather than becoming self-reliant.

Religion imposes irrational rules of good and bad behavior.

Religion divides people, and is a cause of conflict and war.

The hierarchical structure of most religions is anti-democratic, and thus, generally offends basic human rights.

Religion wastes time and money…

It’s inarguable that all aforementioned points- and many more- are valid; and therefore, unequivocally prove that religion is bad. Why then, is religion so much entrenched into humanity? That question is inexplicable. The world’s greatest thinkers (mostly Atheists/Agnostics) have not successfully proffered an overly sound answer without being biased by their own undetermined religion. However, from personal experience and general evidence, individuals tend to be religious for intrinsic or sentimental reasons- noting that it’s completely unfeasible to attempt to live and make every decision with total objectivity and rational thoughts. Reasons such as: security (especially from the fear of the unknown), love, belongingness, happiness… comes to mind. Answers to satisfy humans’ curiosity as to the author of life; and ultimately, the search for eventual purpose- life after death- have also been fundamental in establishing religion; including Atheism.

The Core

At the very core of all religion (Atheism and the rest), is the belief of the existence, or non-existence of God. The quest for this knowledge has birthed many theories with regards to the creator of life or the origin of life: Creationism/Intelligent Design against Evolutionalism, Myths against Science…

To be utterly logical, all theories about the origin of life are quite ridiculous. I would never believe there was a “big bang” and things started to shape-up. Neither should anyone think that an Atheist would believe that a phantom being spoke some words and formed matter. It all makes no sense!

We live for the future; we live to die. It’s therefore virtually reasonable to conclude that everyone has thought, at one point or the other, about life after death (or nothingness after death).  I have, – on several occasions- and immediately cuddled in the solace my faith offers.

But am I all that naïve? Why do I believe what I believe? And why is it not hurting me and people around me as religion should? I would not punch a fellow in the nose in the name of God, and I’m quite certain I wouldn’t abstain from a wholesome food item for anything.

My Truth

What I believe inclines (not obliges) me to be good; to be morally just. It convicts me of wrong, not for the promise of a reward, but for the good of it.

“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for a reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.”

I know it. It’s that thing the world’s greatest thinkers have missed. I’m not religious, neither am I bound by any laws of religion. If Christianity is a religion, then I’m afraid I’m not a Christian. I have faith in a God- who has personalized himself in me times without number (much like an imaginary friend, but just too real to be illusory). I have a faith that works, and have proven itself to work for millions- who are all not distressed and seeking comfort in hope.  The picture of that faith is obscured to the bigoted heart. It’s faith in Jesus- a person one cannot comprehend religiously.

The thing about Atheism and its adoption of Science as a deity is that science- like man- is insatiable. As long as life prevails, there will always be inquests. Science is healthy only when it’s not worshiped and seen as an oracle.

“It appears to me (whether rightly or wrongly) that direct arguments against Christianity and theism produce hardly any effect on the public; and freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of men’s minds which follows from the advance of science.” Charles Darwin

Open your mind to the possibility- albeit explicitly evident- that God exists. It’ll fill that dearth science cannot fill. There just can’t be so many idiots who indulge in surrealism (Spirituality) in this world. Making a religion out of disbelief in the existence of God is dangerous, really dangerous.


4 Responses to “Samuel Hears a Who?”

  1. Steve Araba February 25, 2009 at 9:24 am #

    True enough, religion streamlines what a person is and who they profess to be, it makes an individual more like a genie in a bottle performing only the wishes of the owner. If we follow religon, then we restrain ourselves from being humans that have the ability to think and choose, to being compelled by codes of conduct.
    I agree christianity is not what the world sees or think it to be, but it is more of an illumination… no one defines light itself, only the source can be defined, but in this case… God, and He has no definition.

  2. Samuel February 25, 2009 at 4:51 pm #

    Wow. Steve

  3. bolumichael March 5, 2009 at 11:53 am #

    Hey Bro. this is awesome…i agree with ya…Christianity is light,…the illumination of the body, Soul and Spirit…The Eureka of the Trinity”

    The scripture says “If your eye be sound, your whole body will be full of light.”

  4. Tosinger March 6, 2009 at 9:12 pm #

    True.Religion is man-made.Another of Man’s sociological interpretation of a concept of an existence (or none) of supremacy that is beyond human comprehension ( as man’s mind is limited) and his explanation of how humans should relate to it.Man-made it is, like every other concept he created-Politics,Science etc

    The ultimate is to have a spiritual connection to God, our creator.For we all are spirits,that possess a soul and live in a body.Only via our spirits can we have a RELATIONSHIP(not religion) with the one who created us.

    There has to be an understanding, via our soul transcending to our spirit’s awareness, that we (and all creation) are here by virtue of a super powerful/supreme spirit called God.Parapharased from the scriptures: ‘For He is Spirit, and they that worship Him, must do so in spirit and truth’.
    If it’s not spiritual, it’s not real.

    Thank you Mr Samuel for this nicely written article.

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